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Just a few more weeks until we are back on the road.  In the meantime, we thought we’d go back over some older blog posts and get re-inspired for life in the bus. We actually owe a ‘top ten’ list on Peru to our buddy Phil. After he saved our hides back in March, his only request was to give him some tips on Peru (and beer). Until now, we had only delivered on half the deal.

Peru was definitely a country that surprised us. I’ve said I didn’t know what to expect when we entered – only that we’d be visiting that famous touristy place. Sure, it was incredible – you should go. But make sure you spend a few days in Ollantaytambo along the way. And, Phil – DRINK THE CHICHA!


The rest of Peru ain’t too bad either.

I believe Zorritos, just south of the Ecuador border to be one of our all time favorite camping spots. Incredible sunsets, amenities, and a beach spot all to ourselves.

Peru was really the first place we were able to experience the Inca civilization. Terraced mountains, ancient foot trails, and Pre-Colombian human remains next to penguins at Puerto Inka. Pretty cool stuff.

Another highlight was the museum of Sipan. It contains remains from the Moche civilization (A.D. 100–850), including one Lord of Sipan whose tomb was just discovered in the last 25 years and contained more riches than King Tut. It also included a few sacrificed folks, a dog and llama. This became a highlight for us because Bode had been studying ancient civilizations and there was a whole lesson about the discovery of King Tut’s  tomb and how he’d been thought to be the richest Egyptian king. No photos were allowed, but you can read more about the museum and the Lord of Sipan here.

We are partial to relaxed beach towns, and Huanchaco fit the bill. It was cheap, beautiful and had 1st world conveniences nearby. We lingered here much longer than we should have.

Peru had some amazing landscapes- the Andes, desert and the Pacific coastline.  The following list contains, in our opinion, the type of scenery that will leave you speechless. Click on these links for our best attempts to capture them.

Canyon del Pato


Colca Canyon and the way back up


So, Phil. We know you’ll probably be wandering Patagonia for the next year or so. Surely, you’ve got time to head up the Pacific Coast. Just keep on driving, and maybe we can meet in Venezuela?

2 thoughts on “Best of Peru – Our Version

  • September 27, 2012 at 7:01 AM

    I totally agree with your list but I think the Nazca lines are missing and the awesome lagoons in the mountains around Haraz.
    Greetings from Colorado,


  • September 29, 2012 at 9:09 AM

    thanks guys !
    great info. nice reading.
    sadly my plan (always flexible) will not get us back to venezuela – africa is calling, our friend there is having an absolutely amazing time – well if you like elephants rubbing on your truck while you try to sleep !!!


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