Skye Walks

We’ve had amazing weather in Scotland – until we didn’t. A crazy day of rain and wind forced us into a pub day with our new friends Ali and Hendrik. Angela connected with them on an ‘overlander’ forum and they happened to be on Skye too. It turns out we may have crossed paths somewhere in Central and South America, but just didn’t realize it. They are wrapping up the UK and headed to Australia for the next few years.

Once the rain cleared, we headed to ‘walk’ the Old Man of Storr. Nobody here hikes. The term just isn’t used. Instead, they walk. After an evening looking for dinosaur footprints and camping at the beach at An Corran, we hiked – er, walked – the Quirrang. Another popular Skye walk. So popular, there was a traffic jam in the parking area that kept us there for an extra half hour. It turns out there was a cruise ship at Portree and the Island was swamped with people.

One thought on “Skye Walks

  • April 13, 2019 at 4:32 PM

    Walk this way… back to NJ someday.
    Miss ya, Alli Kevin & our friend Dave

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