So, for some reason I’ve become addicted to using the word ‘chillax’. I hated this word years ago when I first heard it. I’ve never used it since. This week it has been uttered at least 4 times a day. Shame on me.

Huanchaco is a beach town about 10 miles from the much larger city of Trujillo.  On the way here, we were stopped by police asking for our papers and insurance (often) and the last guy warned us that Trujillo was muy peligrosso at night. He even made the “finger-gun” gesture to indicate we might be robbed at gunpoint. You’ve got to love an honest cop.

Despite the night-time dangers, you can’t get much better than a small beach town that’s only 10 minutes from a bigger town that has everything else you might need. They even have a giant U.S. style mall. Actually, it’s nicer.

Anyway, Huanchaco is known for the classic reed boats the fisherman use. By mid-morning, you can see them surf back into shore with the day’s catch. You can even take a ride on one if you are willing to pay a fisherman about $2 USD. It seems more relaxing just to watch.

The street food here is amazing. The kids (not Bode) seem to prefer fried chicken feet smothered in mayonnaise, but we have latched onto the the papas. Mashed potato balls stuffed with olives and meat and fried to perfection. Delicioso!

We were also lucky enough to meet a “gap year” Kiwi family the night we arrived. They showed up 36 days ago planning to stay for only 3 days. Funny how that works.

Bode played with their kids continuously. Before they caught the 2 day bus to Ecuador, they gave us a tour of the best cheap eats in town.

The sunsets continue to be amazing here, but again we have to share it with lots and lots of other people. No complaints.

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