Julie’s Top Ten

Like before, Julie’s visit concluded with us on the side of the road. And, like before, she wrapped it up with a guest blog post…


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Four tickets to paradise? I packed my bags that night!

Top 10 highlights from my trip to paradise … village:

10. Yoplait con manzanas.

9. Big Mac, Mc Flurry Cranky and a barrel of tequila.

8. No bug bites!

7. Paradise pants.

6. Mis alto lattes con leche entera, sin spuma.

5. Translating E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial for Bode from Spanish to English while he hid behind  is blanket because apparently just the music is enough to scare the paradise pants off that kid.

4. Bode commenting on his relaxing candle lit bubble bath: “There’s nothing better than this!”.

3. Swimming with Bode in the pool and the ocean, watching Bode play with his Leapster, watching Bode make a beeline for every kid he saw, watching Bode display his swimming skills for everyone in the pool who made eye contact with him (and for those who didn’t even notice him), listening to Bode spell, hearing Bode pronounce vi-o-lon-ce-llo over and over again, getting a really great hug good-bye from Bode!

2. The week’s motto: You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, except drink tequila.

1. Taxi ride to the airport – did I mention the van broke down on the way to the airport again? A curse? Deja vu? Really bad luck? Or just another day in paradise …. village.

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We’ve been thinking about starting a roaming tour guide operation. We’ll pick you up at the airport and set you up somewhere really cool and entertain you all week. At the end, we’ll break down on the side of the road and send you away in a taxi – the complete BodesWell experience for a low low price! Contact us for details 😉

One thought on “Julie’s Top Ten

  • March 18, 2010 at 10:20 AM

    I WAS HOPING YOU WOULD POST THE PIC OF ME AND BODE AT PROM!!! definitely the best so far ….. i miss him already. and you too = )

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