Skyline and Sydney

We said our goodbyes to Dave, Ann, Wynne and Mae, who will head start their trip south, then west to their new tiny home-base in Petaluma, California. We’ve threatened to “moochdock” with them someday 😉

Our last day in Cape Breton was supposed to a rainy one, but the weather held out and we were still able to take in the sweeping views of the sea. We also were lucky enough to get a great view of this moose on the side of the road. I forgot how enormous they are when you are this close. Glad I was in the bus.

DSC_2325 DSC_2333

We hiked the famous Skyline Trail for even better views. It was about 4 miles, only about 1 of which was filled with whining.

That afternoon, the local “private” tavern was hosting a fiddler and piano combo and we were able to get in with Bode if we sat in the back corner and ordered food (and required to leave after we ate.) Fish and chips it is! The music was incredible, and the entire place was filled with local old-timers dancing, playing spoons and clapping along. A real experience – we ate slowly and managed a few sippin’ beers while we poked at our plates!

DSC_2339 DSC_2343 DSC_2347 IMAG0235

We got a late start the next day, taking advantage of the showers and the free wifi at the visitor’s center. We headed into Baddock to the excellent Alexander Graham Bell museum. He had a summer home here, and the exhibit covered his experiments as well as a fascinating history of his work teaching deaf students. But the best part, was the kite wall – pick one and play!

IMAG0236 IMG_3362 DSC_2353 IMG_3372

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