Praia Imbassaí

The turtle post was all Bode. It was his school project for the day: visit the turtle reserve, edit photos, write a summary, and post it. He did a great job. He literally did everything to get it online.

Other than the turtle project, I have to say that Praia do Forte was a bit of a disappointment. Except for the main road into town, all side streets are blocked off with a gate and security guard. The main businesses in town seem to be real estate offices… you get the idea.  The guidebook describes it as a recommended destination – I think they missed the mark on that one or it’s just out of date. Gentrification moves quickly.

We probably spent an hour total in Praia do Forte and then found camping farther north at Praia Imbassaí. It wasn’t easy to find, but was a nice place with friendly owners (S12.49999 W37.96195).

DSC_9022 DSC_9026 P1020440 P1020446

The heat made it a bit tough to sleep, though. I ended up arranging 3 camp chairs for a makeshift outdoor bed at 4 AM, so I could rest outside of the bus and feel a slight breeze. I never did really sleep, but did see some amazing stars and watched the bats come in to roost in the palm trees at sunrise. Sunrise is at about 5:15 AM, by the way. Seems way too early.


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  • April 13, 2013 at 9:44 AM

    Veronica’s family in Alameda is sending good thoughts to you all. It’s great to check in on your posts and see you all. Bode’s so big. We’re all fine. Best – John and Laura

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