There are 7 types of sea turtles in the world and they are all endangered. 5 of the 7 types live in Brazil.

The 5 types are loggerhead, green, hawksbill, olive riddly, and leatherback. Why they are endangered is because 1 of the 1000 eggs laid survives into adulthood and 600,000 are laid each year. So 600 turtles per year.

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In Brazil there is an organization called Tamar. That protects the turtles by doing these things 1 getting fishermen to bring turtle eggs to protected areas 2 if eggs are in bad place move them 3 protect eggs on beach 4 research turtles 5 educate people.

The babies move toward the light so Tamar educates people to turn off lights if near the beach.

The babies get run over by four wheelers. Or get stuck in four wheeler tracks. So Tamar educates people to not drive on the beach.

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    Great observations Bode! P.S. I believe it is Ridley.

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    Thank you, Bodie. I was educated today.

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    Good report Bode. Your cousin Sam is doing a research project on some extinct turtle. Maybe the two of you can cornor the market in the turtle expert field. I see a Turtlemen reality show in your future.

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