Back to Reality… Almost

Another full day of island hopping between empty beaches and Kuna villages marks the final day of our trip. Quite a trip and probably the most scenic route to Colombia.

At the end of the day we were dropped off in Sapzurro, Colombia.  Adam asks for volunteers to snorkel around the boat and look for the boat  tie-down underwater. Bode was the first to volunteer. He and a few others don their snorkels and jump in looking for it.

We unloaded all of our luggage and trekked in the now darkness to our soggy campsite with the promise of dinner waiting… only nobody told the cook in Sapzurro. And, at 8 pm every night the power goes out. So, no dinner tonight.

Bode gets some old crackers. The rest of us pass around some left-over rum… it’s almost food.

There is one place in town with a generator, though. A bar that pumps out dance music until 5 am. LOUD! It was a tough night in the tent. For some reason I didn’t remember I brought earplugs until morning.

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