Reader of the Month – October

Julie J

(Okay, this is cheating a bit since she’s actually ridden along for a while, but she did send us a picture with this splittie 😉 – Jason

Best road-trip ever?

Is it OK to say that I don’t have great memories of road trips? There were 4 of us kids packed into a station wagon, and my parents would argue (my mom liked the windows rolled UP and my dad liked them rolled DOWN). What I remember liking was the game used to play – spot the Porsche (914). We loved those cars and there were millions of them on the road in the 70’s. I think those are the ones that sound like VWs (and probably drive like VWs too, not that that’s a bad thing).

Dream trip?

A honeymoon ; )

Crazy travel story?

I once drove down the wrong side of the freeway in Portugal because my navigator misguided me. Yes, I am blaming our near death experience on Dawn. It’s not Dougie-crazy (see Doug’s guest post), but it was quite frightening to see the confused and terrified looks on the faces of the drivers I was passing (head-on).

Best road-trip/travel food?

In-N-Out, assuming your road trip takes you through Arizona, California, Nevada or Utah.

Have you ever owned a VW?

Yes – 2! My first car was a 1981 VW Rabbit Convertible (white on white). It was a hand-me-down from my mom who chose the personalized license plate: BUNNYHP . What did HP stand for you may ask? People asked all the time … HP = hop (NOT horse power). My mom also added decals to the trunk: a bunch of bunnies with the words “Get the Rabbit Habit”. My second VW was a 1998 Cabrio (red with a black top). This was the first car I actually bought on my own and I loved that car until I saw the Audi A3 in 2006. Sofie, my niece, now drives the Cabrio and is lookin’ good in LA!

Favorite road trip music?

Steely Dan, Train and Joe Jackson.

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