The Crew

Part of the fun was sharing the trip with an interesting bunch of fellow travelers. This area of the world seems to be a funnel for the adventurous. Meet the crew.


a.k.a. The French Guy on a Bike. Started in Alaska and is still riding South. Owner of one of the coolest tattoos I’ve seen in a while. He fills it in as he goes.


Former gay porn star and will tell you all about it. Can say absolutely anything with a huge laugh and get away with it. Quit a job on a cruise line in (over the top) style and literally jumped ship in the Virgin Islands. Has been there ever since.


The silent partner. Wryly provides comic asides to Tyler’s shenanigans – for those lucky enough to be included. The yin for Tyler’s yang.


Huge smile on her face 24 hours a day. One of those genuinely nice people you’re always happy to meet. Every group needs her.

Linda-Lou and Jaring

The Dutch Couple. For such a small country, the Dutch seem to be everywhere! Both really nice folks who sold everything they owned and started traveling looking for a new place to live. A familiar story?

Kyle and Jesse

Our buddies we met way back in Guatemala. They are also driving to Argentina. Both are Canadians who don’t let the tropical heat deter their excitement about the upcoming hockey season. Prone to back-flips. Always travel with their own stash of Frank’s Red Hot sauce.


The so-called leader of the expedition. Seems to be in a permanent haze with no idea what’s happening or what will happen. Can’t trust a word he says. We all put our lives in his hands.


The dread-locked back-packing single Dutch girl. Super nice. Rolls her own.

The Brazilian and his wife

I met Dennis at the police station when trying to get the car paperwork arranged. He’s driving to Brazil in a giant truck with two motorcycles. He has a hotel near Río de Janeiro and invited us to come stay. Nice guy, but his wife is a piece of work. A chain-smoking Italian, she had the deepest voice on the boat. If we were ever waiting for someone, it was always her. For some reason, we have no photos of her.

5 thoughts on “The Crew

  • October 1, 2010 at 7:09 AM

    hi guys – ok, this sounds like a cast for the next world traveling reality show (not that I ever watch any, but am at least familiar w/ the process)! Favor to ask: when you see this, please call or email me asap – have an important ? for you & Bode-would love to involve you in a school class project for L&W’s class

    oh, & this part of the journey really seems like a true adventure (ok, an adventure w/in an adventure!) so cool 🙂

  • October 8, 2010 at 7:46 PM

    Very Nice Crew it was!!! 😀

  • October 11, 2010 at 9:03 PM

    I am the former gay porn star and I will tell you all about it, but not right now. 🙂 The trip with these guys was quite an experience. To say not just the least, but nothing at all. We don’t regret a minute of it, but while certain parts of it were “going down”, if you will, it was f-ing miserable. Angela taught me what the word “boondocking” meant. Basically, it’s staying somewhere or camping for free. “Thank you, Angela,” for teaching me a new word. I’m not kidding. For real. We all did that for a few days in Sapzurro. Seriously though, it really was a great experience overall. I always say, “The worst moments of your life, as long as nobody is dead or permanently disfigured, make for the best stories.”
    TY & Kenn
    p.s.- Thanks for acknowledging my hollow death threat; at least someone heard me. TY

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