See You Samara

The strange sounds of what we imagined were a loose shock absorber led us to cut our drive short. Hay no problema – we were close to Playa Samara.

Dinner on the beach was great, and topped only by the fact that there was a river running right by the restaurant with other kids playing in it. You mean I can linger after a meal while Bode plays? Awesome.

The next day, unsure of a plan, we decided to check out the beach during daylight before deciding whether or not to move on. After only 10 minutes we decided to stay. The waves were close to perfect and Bode managed to find a friend instantly. We lounged under the shade of a palm tree until the tide started covering the entire beach.

We had lunch at another beach-side restaurant that was also next to the river…meaning the incredibly slow service was also no problema, as Bode was entertained. No crocodiles – we checked.

Jason quickly spotted a man with an incredible mustache. I spent way too long on Google images trying to identify it, but let’s just say it was curly. I hope that it won’t be Jason’s next great idea.

Out of the corner of my eye I see something familiar. I check, double check…and then say “Hey, is that Doug over there?”

It is!

4 thoughts on “See You Samara

  • August 24, 2010 at 10:14 AM

    Is that title a sly reference to the parable, Appointment in Samarra?
    Just wondering.


  • August 24, 2010 at 3:35 PM

    Mutton Chops?

  • August 26, 2010 at 8:22 PM

    Awesome running into you guys in Playa Sámara! After a week apart and no communication, who knew you would end up in the exact same beach, on the first day that I arrived in Sámara, and happen to be having lunch right next door to my hotel, and staying just around the corner from my hotel. Traveling together with Team Rehm is just mean to be!

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