Meet the Parents

We’ve been so lucky to have lots of visitors lately, and we had 2 more VIPs coming in. Grammy and Granddaddy!

My parents came in for a week of relaxation with us and we are all very excited. With them came an entire suitcase of books for all of us, clothes and toys. Perfect timing. The usual hostel trade-in bookshelves are full of terrible reading that I’m too embarrassed to trade-in if anyone is around.

We rented a nice villa, which upon entering Bode declared was “just like a real house.” Not sure how the parents took that. He even had his own room, which he at least started every night in.

We picked up my parents in Liberia, a fairly small town (1 of the 2 international airports in Costa Rica) on my dad’s birthday. We celebrated van style with a box cake and chocolate syrup. Bode immediately wanted all of their attention–they read, played games, watched movies and went swimming every day.

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  • August 26, 2010 at 8:27 PM

    Love Bode’s airport greeting sign. Great view from the villa too.

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