Getting Ucluelet

After a few days of lounging, playing football, soccer and rugby (thanks high school rugby team on a surf trip!) on the beach we decided to go. I was hoping we would never have to leave this campsite, but there is so much more of Canada we’d like to see before the cold drives us south. So, after two nights in Tofino, we headed east across the island to take the ferry to the city of Vancouver.  Tofino is really out of the way – in a good way.  I think the Volkswagen bus ratio may rival Portland, but I’ve heard it’s only right in Tofino. We’ll see.

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But first, a stop at the Ucluelet mini-aquarium. All the sea creatures were caught within 3 kilometers of the building. It’s a non-profit aquarium with plenty of touch tanks and cool things to look at.

Here’s the really unique part: at the end of the season they release everything back into the ocean. What an amazing concept.

On October 18th they will host a release party and all these little guys go back to sea with the public’s help. Bring your rubber boots and a bucket. Wish we could be there.

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3 thoughts on “Getting Ucluelet

  • October 10, 2009 at 8:16 PM

    My husband and I just bought a 74 Westy 2 days ago and are already enjoying the culture. It’s a good thing my husband is pretty good with auto mechanics.
    We live 45 minutes south of Seattle. We’re both teachers. Our home is your home if you’re heading this way. I’d probably want to go towards Banff or east in Washington to enjoy the mountain passes.
    This summer I took the Port Angeles ferry to Victoria, picked up an old roommate in Duncan and we stayed in Tofino for a week. Roommate’s daughter took a lesson from the Surf Sisters and we loved the Ucluelet Aquarium. Great fun!

  • October 13, 2009 at 12:14 PM

    Hi Guys,

    Are you still hanging out in B.C?

    The weather in the Bay Area was quite pleasant through yesterday, but when I got up this morning, it had been raining very heavy during the night. All morning it has continues to rain very heavy and our back yard is flooded. We are in Fremont, CA.

    –Mark & Evonne

  • October 13, 2009 at 10:11 PM


    We’re still in BC for a few more days. The forecast calls for snow in the morning, so we’re finally about to point the bus south!

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