Meandering into Wales

After freezing all night camping at Stonehenge, we made our way down to Salisbury to look for a few supplies. We still have a growing bus project list and we’re still learning where to get things here. I went to several plumbing supply stores with a short length of clear PVC hose (to try to fix our water tank leak) and each time they looked at me like I was from Mars. Eventually I found a suitable replacement at B&Q. Now, I know.

More importantly, Salisbury has the Magna Carta. Bode’s road school history lesson took care of itself today. Written in Latin on sheepskin.

Aside from being a nice town, this also happens to be where the recent Russian spy Novichock poisoning occurred and a large section of park in town was roped off with bobbies on every corner protecting the crime scene. Weird.


We drove north again through the Wilshire canola fields on our way up to Avebury – a sort of poor-man’s Stonehenge. Interesting, but it didn’t hold our interest too long in the rain.

So, we decided to bolt further West into our next country – Wales! (Yes, it’s a country );


We heard it said that going to Wales is like stepping back in time. We sort of have to agree. And, it’s beautiful.

We camped on a farm in Abereiddy along the coastal trail paths and went for some exceptionally pleasant sunny walks along the coast. We were so close to Ireland that my phone was picking up Irish cell towers.

We made a trip out to see the “smallest town in the UK” at St. Davids and then up to Fishguard. We’re still working up the courage to order some local cuisine.


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  • May 10, 2018 at 2:18 PM

    Laverbread and cockles – the real Welsh breakfast! Laverbread is fried seaweed, fried up in a generous serving of bacon fat of course! Had it in Mumbles many years ago,

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