Working Mom Travel Tips

Sometimes, to give the best possible image for their brand, companies find a business car rental program and provide vehicles for their employees.

When you are one of the chosen few to get a company car to drive to places within and out of town to meet clients and seal deals, the business trusts you enough to help them grow. This is also the best opportunity for your career to take off.

As a worker, this is a lot of responsibility and can even earn you a promotion over time. But, as a parent and a mother, it can mean less time with your kids and more time on the road. So, how do you cope with being away from your family most of the time?

To help you, here are a few tips for travelling working moms:

Tell them in advance

Telling your young children that you will be leaving a day before you drive away can upset and confuse them. They won’t understand, and it can make it harder for you to leave them behind.

As soon as they tell you in the office about your upcoming trip, let your family know right away. If your child is too young to understand the concept of dates, then mark it on a calendar for them to see. That way, they can count down the days to your departure, and the days till you come back.

Leave a Treat

Spend time with your children before you go. You can take them to the movies or have a pizza party the night before so everyone can be in a good mood.

If you want, you could also leave them a nice treat like leaving them post-it notes around the house or hiding it in their books so they can find them randomly throughout the days while you are away.

You can also choose to get them some nice souvenirs from your trip and help them get started on a small collection.

Let Them Help You Plan

Children love to feel included. It gives them a sense of pride, and they feel like they belong. So, if you can, let them help you with your itinerary. Let them know where you are going and what your day will be like. Tell them about your free time and the places you can see there.

Let them do the research of those spots and discuss with them the ideal places you can visit. Take lots of pictures to show them later on after your trip.

Use this as an Opportunity for a Geography Lesson

For moms who will travel out of the country for business, take out a map and show your kids exactly where you will be for the next few weeks and mark it.

This will be an excellent opportunity for your children to learn where countries on the map are. You can tell them about the kind of people that live there and the animals native to that land.


Thanks to the internet, getting in touch with your kids while you’re out on business has never been easier. Make it a point to give them a video call before bed just to get an update on how their day went. You can also use this time to tell them about your day and what your hotel room is like.

Doing this elevates the feeling of loneliness, and it will allow you to stay connected to your children throughout your stay.

Plan a Family Vacation

Business trips shouldn’t be the only out of town adventures you have. After your business trip, make it a point to plan a vacation with your family at the same destination.

This is an excellent opportunity to let your kids see where you went. You can even choose to stay in the same hotel where you did so they can have a taste of what it is that you do when you go, and the experiences you had.

Don’t let your relationship with your children end up like the song Cat’s in the Cradle. You can both be a great mom and a career woman. Follow these tips to give you a better handle on how to be a great mom and career woman.


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