More Texas Projects

We drove back to Texas to wrap up a few more bus projects, a few more doctor visits and a little more time with friends and family.

The bus list is endless, but there was one major goal that wasn’t on the bus list: get dad’s convertible running and take it for a spin. This Super Beetle hasn’t been driven in ten years or so. Always garaged. Now, it’s back on the road. Or, moving at least.

DSC_0824 DSC_0836 IMAG1961 DSC_0878

Our buddies Mali Mish just so happened to be crossing the border after 6 months in Mexico, so we weren’t going to miss the chance to meet up and welcome them back to the U.S.

We cruised over to Garner State Park and did a little tubing down the Rio Frio and took a break from working in the Texas heat.


Afterwards, it was time to get serious with the bus. We had originally intended to go to Mexico and explore the Yucatan this summer, but after 2 months of Florida and Texas weather, we’ve decided to head north in search of cooler temperatures.

I got cracking on the rust repair (something you just can’t let wait) and eventually had the engine out to work on a gas tank leak and a new clutch. Since the main seal was leaking, I got to repair that too. For some reason, it always takes me two tries. So, the engine came out a second time and a second seal did the trick.

We rearranged our solar and added a new flex panel. Now, 200 Watts on the roof. We’ve got two 100W versions of this panel:

The number one item on Angela’s list was new curtains. We borrowed a machine and got to work. Pockets everywhere.

DSC_0841 DSC_0844 DSC_0858 DSC_0864   Fullscreen capture 7102016 105802 AM DSC_1054


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