Texas Projects

Springtime in Texas is actually pretty nice. It’s warm, but not quite hot. The mosquitoes haven’t arrived yet. And, bluebonnets in the hill country.

We managed to goof off exactly the right amount in Austin, before heading down to Houston and Galveston. Bode had a birthday and that owl did come with the letter for Hogwarts – regardless of his muggle parents. Dad’s house didn’t sell, but we still found some projects to help out with. His old bug hasn’t moved in over 10 years, but now it’s running like a champ and ready to go… somewhere. And, I managed to build a little roof box prototype for the bus that we’ll test on our drive to Florida. There’s plenty more projects, but we’ve decided to hit the road and make our Florida loop before the schools get out and the summer heat is on full-blast.


IMAG1778 IMAG1776IMAG1780 IMAG1783 IMAG1792 IMAG1799 IMAG1807 IMG_2840 IMG_2849 IMG_2850 IMG_2856 IMG_2867 IMG_2872 IMG_2878

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