The Friendly Ghost Town

After about two weeks in Canada, we decided to go to Alaska again. But first, some breakfast.

After showers and some internet, we met up with our Mali Mish friends at a cafe in Stewart, B.C. with an impressive toaster and tea pot collections. Stewart and Hyder are known as ‘twin cities’, they are 2 miles apart and have an international border between them.

Hyder- the easternmost Alaskan town, is completely surrounded by Canada.  This was another gold and silver town, but now it is known as ‘Alaska’s friendliest ghost town”, and has only 87 residents.

Today, the town is a popular vacation for hunting and fishing, and for watching bear pluck salmon out of the creeks. We stopped by for a look, but were too late in the season to catch the action.

We continued on to the Salmon Glacier, which is back in British Columbia. The winding road was a beautiful drive, with glacial views most of the way.  The view from the top, looking down on the glacier is fantastic and really gives you a better perspective of size compared to being on the glacier itself.

On the way back, we saw our bears, crossing the street right above the official pay-for-bear-viewing park.

This was a great trip for us because it wrapped up Alaska in one quick day – beautiful glaciers and mama bears and cubs.

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