Making a Home in Homer

After the weekend rush, we moved back down to the Spit again, but this time another city-owned site where our Malimish friends were holding a spot for us (they were in high demand). $8/night for ocean front camping. Plus, we were with a whole gang of full-time travelers. Our group consisted of our VW, 3 Airstreams, a Landcruiser with a rooftop tent and a Unimog. That was 12 adults, 6 kids, 2 dogs and 1 cat.
Oksana kept us well fed and we had nightly entertainment at the campfire with all the stories between us. The kids played all day, every day. They new that when happy hour began, they could go inside one of our vehicles and play Minecraft until s’mores time. It only took a day or so before they started begging us to start drinking by noon. It didn’t work, but the kids found lots of entertainment on the beach anyway.
Everyone was having so much fun, we stayed a lot longer than we planned¬† – but isn’t that the point of slow travel?

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