WipeOut 2015

The season is coming to a close up here in WP. That means… WipeOut!

IMAG0246 IMAG0256 

WipeOut was really fun. My favorite challenge was probably either the zorb or the pancake eating challenge. In the Zorb, contestants wore giant hamster balls. Two teams competed to try to kick as many small balls to their side as they can, but they were wearing zorbs too. In the pancake eating challenge you had to eat pancakes with no hands. Dad was freaking mom out because he had syrup dripping down his shirt and in his beard.

There was also: Cookie face (try and get the cookie from your forehead into your mouth), Spider web (you try to get through a bunch of rope while not touching the rope, kinda like a laser bank) and lots more!

We had tons of fun and all the WipeOut challenges raised money for the parks.


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  • April 13, 2015 at 10:43 AM

    Great post Bode. How did you do in the sling shot competition?

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