Backtracking to Loreto

After the hurricane, we decided to head north to find some basic services. We’ve been through Loreto a few times now and it never particularly impressed us. But, everything south of Ciudad Constitución was wrecked by the hurricane.

Constitución really doesn’t have much going for it, but we stopped and camped for a night. While running errands around town I managed to get stopped by a crooked local cop for a fake infraction (he claimed I stopped after the sign instead of in front of it – preposterous if you’ve witnessed the way alto signs are generally ignored by locals). I talked my way out of it – something I’ve got a bit of practice at. I later heard that this town’s cops were known for preying on gringos, but this was our first encounter in all of Baja.

DSC_7264 DSC_7284

Anyway, roughly 6 or 7 hour’s drive from Todos Santos, we hit water again just south of Loreto. The hurricane damage here was minimal except for some sunken boats at Puerto Escondido and lots of arroyo washouts.

DSC_7295 IMG_1295

DSC_7315 DSC_7316

I couldn’t pass up an opportunity for a quick wash when I saw the mustache guys on the outskirts of town. The bus was pretty filthy and they were nice guys – all mustachioed. One of them lived in California for 10 years before getting deported during a raid while working at a body shop. “Easy money,” he said in English. The body shop later went out of business, since they couldn’t find anyone else to work for easy money.

DSC_7300  DSC_7306

We planted ourselves at a local RV park and started looking for a more semi-permanent place to stay. In the meantime, we quickly got caught up on the local street taco scene.

DSC_7320 IMG_1297

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  • October 3, 2014 at 2:19 PM


    Just heard about this site , and spent the day reading . I’ve got 15 acre pecan orchard in Santa Fe you’re always welcome to stay in . I hope all is well , let me know next time your coming thru here .

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