Back to the Bay Area

We had to climb a 24% grade on Hwy 4 to get up and over the Sierras on the way here, but it was easy coasting down the other side to the Bay Area. And hot. Still really hot.

DSC_5940 DSC_5941 DSC_5942 DSC_5963

We’ve spent a few days visiting some old friends, eaten firehouse pancakes and meandered around the the bay. It’s strange to be back here and driving around in the bus. Good, but weird. Next, we head up north for a bit to catch up with more folks and then point the bus towards Mexico.

DSC_5972 IMG_1139

2 thoughts on “Back to the Bay Area

  • August 7, 2014 at 9:36 AM

    do you have room for us again? 😉

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