Blue Light Special

We’re clearing out and making sure that everything we own fits in the bus.

This stuff needs to go to a good home…


Dual-diode battery isolator. Two batteries, one easy solution. Works great. If you are considering adding an extra battery, this is the simplest way to do it. We used it for 4 years sin problema. We’re changing to a more complicated system. Price: free. Claim it – send me your address – and I’ll send a PayPal invoice for the actual shipping costs.

DSC_2637 DSC_2642

Those dual-Weber ICT carbs. My excellent sales pitch the first time didn’t work. But, they need to go. We’re simplifying and there’s no room for these.

Comes with all linkage and new filters. 1 good carb, 1 bad carb. You figure it out. Make me an offer.


Custom zip-out screen for pop-top. Improved with high-density high-durability mesh. Hand made in Montevideo, Uruguay. If you have a zip-out rectangular screen, this probably fits. Freebie. Pay for shipping and it’s yours.


My old 90 amp Bosch alternator. Good gen gone bad. Use for rebuild or for core. Free – just pay shipping and it’s yours. Seems like a waste to throw it in the garbage.


Door handles. Bought the top one in Mexico and is identical to the current aftermarket repro. No key, but easy to re-key (we did). And, a second bonus handle with no tumbler – I think this is the one we started the trip with. Needs a good home. Hate to trash – say the word and it’s yours.


Retractable seat belts! Our bus originally came with limp lap belts – not this fancy upgrade. Works great. We have these in our front seats and one in the back. Perfect substitute for your old bus belts. I think I got these from a Jetta. Nice price – free. Just shipping cost to wherever you are.

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