Camping Brazil with GPS coodinates

Quite a while ago, I promised our buddy Luis a list of camp sites for Brazil. Well, I’m a little late, but so is he.

These aren’t intended to be recommendations (although some are pretty great) but more of a guide of where you can go. It’s always good to know that there is a safe place you can stop and pitch a tent or pop the top somewhere down the road.

This list is mostly pay sites with a bathroom and/or shower. If you are driving Brazil, you can keep these coordinates handy as a backup. It’s accurate to within a few feet, so no searching in the dark should be necessary (usually). For boondocking, you’re on your own – that’s the idea – although we do have a few recommended spots on here too.

We mostly hugged the coast, so that’s what we’ve got. Of course, there’s more to explore. This was all we could cover in 6 months.

If you’re interested, you can download the Garmin GPS file here, or just browse the table below.

Fullscreen capture 8262013 64658 PM IMG_2764


Name Description Position Altitude
Camping Do Tião Camping Do Tião S2.87877 W40.45443
pousada with secure parking. no camping here. boondock on beach roads possible S3.62712 W38.73053
Camp site here. Was not open. S4.52284 W37.70645
Camping Pousada Vila Láctea Rua Beira Mar S4.52310 W37.70415
weird pousada with parking and wifi. not many options. Could boondock at end of street. S4.92651 W37.11370
you should boondock here! barraca great beach S5.10414 W35.69927 52 ft
boondock right on beach – safe S5.12121 W35.63370
Camping pipa – good option S6.23216 W35.04215
boondock on cliffs S6.23581 W35.03782
Ccb Pontasestas S7.16030 W34.79528 77 ft
Acampamento Em Tambaba tents only, but you can boondock up the hill S7.36408 W34.79894
Acampamento Lagoa Azul- Apenas de Dia Acampamento Lagoa Azul- Apenas de Dia S7.78778 W34.85406
free beach camping behind barracas – many surfers in tents Praia de Maracaípe S8.52548 W35.00768
other camp sites here – small Estrada de Terra S8.52796 W35.00736
camping jesus – beautiful S8.95789 W35.17366
boondock S9.22829 W35.33787
Ccb Drunk Guy – still a great spot S9.28245 W35.38338 78 ft
camp maceio dingy but works S9.63353 W35.69861
Surfcamp S9.77579 W35.85106 116 ft
can boondock out front at palapa, or nice pousada here S10.12301 W36.10803
Camping Club de Aracaju Camping Club de Aracaju S11.00008 W37.05862
Camping – quiet! S12.49999 W37.96195 46 ft
great town – many camping options Avenida Doutor Chiquinho and Rua Desembargador Ouniy Silva S13.89189 W38.95203
camping and pousada low clearance, wifi S14.27647 W38.99095
Praia Da Costa – smal campsite here Praia Da Costa S14.28854 W38.98563
camping breachfront – don’t drink the water! nice spot. don’t drink the water! S15.01766 W38.99782
Camping Pousada Do Mundaí – awesome! Camping Pousada Do Mundaí S16.40905 W39.04899
Camping A Nave Rua Ítalo Vasconcelos S18.41861 W39.70939
180 S19.73127 W41.81717 1242 ft
Camping CCB Camping S20.37947 W43.52536
Camping Primitivo Camping Custódio S20.46571 W43.49178
181 S20.49176 W40.47994 3374 ft
183 S20.49257 W40.64300 34 ft
Camping e Pousada Costa Mares – wifi, nice! S20.62937 W40.44606 53 ft
Camping Clube Do Brasil – Guar Camping Clube Do Brasil – Guarapari S20.63248 W40.44144
182 S20.65379 W40.47399 31 ft
174 S20.67078 W40.49835 2939 ft
Camping Do Praiano – tiny mostly tents, we did not try S20.82973 W40.69328
Camping Itaipava Camping Itaipava S20.89733 W40.77739
Itaoca Pousada Camping they have eveything S20.90955 W40.78355
camping itaoca – nice! S20.90964 W40.78364
Camping Do Siri Camping Do Siri S21.11658 W40.85815
Camping Hans S21.12190 W44.15799 2932 ft
Camping Tiradentes S21.13119 W44.17167 2950 ft
pousada and camping S21.47112 W41.05845
camping here – okay but mosquitos S22.59339 W41.99106
Camping Dunas Do Peró Camping Dunas Do Peró S22.84834 W42.00140
camping – Ccb Cabo Frio Ccb Cabo Frio S22.86744 W42.02936
camping here – quiet small fishing village. entrance on highway. S23.04608 W44.59332
camping here. spacious, nice beach S23.20985 W44.71601
camping club do brasil – good location ACTIVE LOG: 13 JAN 2013 12:36 S23.21533 W44.71196
camping here S23.21645 W44.71825
Parati Mirim – ‘camping’ here, but basically just parking in a field Parati Mirim S23.24078 W44.63451
camping on the beach. many camp sites near here. S23.34692 W44.72005
4 camping spots here Rio S23.40282 W45.01164
camping club do brasil S23.45925 W45.05636
many camping options here. front of beach. get wifi from posada next door ACTIVE LOG: 07 JAN 2013 14:40 S23.52748 W45.21893
camping here – nice, but no wifi S23.57337 W45.27132
Humaitá Camping – overpriced, but usable Humaitá Camping S23.83939 W46.12822
Praia Grande camping Praia Grande S23.85776 W45.41688
catch ferry to ilha cardoso Rua Acesso Balsa S25.01601 W47.92667
camping option here near river, nice S25.43366 W48.87382
ilha do mel – boat from parangua Morro S25.56431 W48.30857
recommended camping,waterfront, walk to boats – “Camping?” sign. nice guy S25.56519 W48.35359
camping here. run down, did not use. S25.63629 W48.42812
Camping de Matinhos – closed Camping de Matinhos S25.80811 W48.53157
grungy camping – don’t use S25.81341 W48.53284
camping Tony somewhere in here – look for signs on main road. Good place. wifi. Rua Campos Novos S26.21963 W48.52621
camping on ocean – good beach1 camping on ocean – good beach S27.14433 W48.47714
camping on ocean – good beach S27.14435 W48.47717
Quatro Ilhas Camping Quatro Ilhas Camping S27.15273 W48.48046
Camping right on beach – popular for new years Camping S27.19749 W48.49827
Camping Lagoa Da Conceição – popular Camping Lagoa Da Conceição S27.60942 W48.44949
Camping Rendeiras Camping Rendeiras S27.60944 W48.44992
Praia Da Joaquina – surf Praia Da Joaquina S27.63029 W48.45026
Camping3 Camping S27.88442 W48.58156
Camping Lagoamar- awesome, but expensive Camping Lagoamar S28.02091 W48.62272
Camping Do Quintino – possible stop to camp Camping Do Quintino S28.15339 W48.68471
camping with large facilities, pool S28.94199 W49.37156
Camping Mampituba Camping Mampituba S29.32974 W49.74472
gramado camping ccb S29.36348 W50.86271

6 thoughts on “Camping Brazil with GPS coodinates

  • August 27, 2013 at 9:36 AM

    I’m from Brazil, I am sure that the ones who follow this map will really enjoy beach and beautiful landscape 😉

  • August 29, 2013 at 10:26 AM

    Awesome list guys! Many people (other than Luis!) will thank you much. We’ll add it to our disappointingly short list a Brazil camping for those headed further north.

  • August 29, 2013 at 5:41 PM

    Hi guys , we are on the road also for 15 months and now enjoying Guatemala , wanted ask if you have the GPS files of all your waypoints. Especially for the Central America at the moment . If you can get back to us we would be very thankful… Best

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  • May 17, 2014 at 12:19 PM

    Hi guys! I´m form Uruguay and will do the same route next month for the World Cup!
    Wanted to know if that BR101 route is OK or is it shabby?

    Sorry for my english!

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