Un Abrazo del Solis Grande

Finally, the day of the big town fiesta. Everyone had been talking about it for days, they were so excited.  We were there shortly after the gates opened at 2 pm.

With a few pesos, the kids were off buying junk food, jumping in bouncy houses and taking their chances on a promotional wheel for free prizes. They eagerly ran back and showed us the loot each time they won something. A cheap cross necklace! A pen! A lighter! Wait, what? They gave you a lighter? That was the grand prize for the kids spinning the big wheel. We ain’t in the U.S. anymore. I’ve never seen Bode so happy with a gift. He has put it away in his backpack so no one else can use it, and every night requests that he start the campfire. As long as he’s careful, I think we’ll be able to afford a great Christmas gift for him this year!

We took in the craft stalls, the bands and some excellent parilla (pork, beef and sausage). And, of course a couple of beers. It was pretty easy to waste the day away listening to some interesting (international- from Argentina!!) entertainment.

By 8 pm or so, we were ready to head back to the farm. Of course, the party was just getting started.  Enjoying it early worked great for us, as it was less crowded and better for the kids.

The music was loud, so we could hear it inside our friends’ house. In fact, we could hear it inside our bus nearly all night. Inexplicably, the party ended at 4 am with a Spanish version of Bonnie Tyler’s 1982 hit Total Eclipse of the Heart. Turn around, bright eyes.

I don’t know what to do and I’m always in the dark
We’re living in a powder keg and giving off sparks
-Bonnie Tyler

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