The Farm

After another night camping in Piriapolis and a few laps around the track, we headed out to the farm.

We met Felix, Carolina and Marcos at the races and they invited us to come out to their land near Gregorio Asnarez.

Felix showed us around his impressive tree and soon-to-be lavender farm, Carolina cooked exceptional meals for us (she’s opening a restaurant, and she’s an amazing chef) and Marcos and Bode entertained each other.

There were a couple of failed attempts at hunting and fishing, but no one seemed to care. We helped out a little with planting the vegetable garden. Felix’s dad stopped by and left us a bottle of champagne made by his neighbor, an Austrian princess. Life is really good.

And, THE party of the year is coming soon. In fact, the only party of the year (and this is the first year). It’s all the town can talk about, and it’s right next to Felix’s property. They tested the sound system all week, all night. Check, Check. Tres, dos, uno!

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