Rada Tilly

We stopped off at a small town outside of a big town. There wasn’t much to do here, so it seemed like a perfect place to stay for a few days. Rada Tilly seems to be the destination for weekenders from¬†Comodoro Rivadavia and is full of fancy homes, but not much else.

The campsite had hot water, a quincho (a kitchen area for cooking and eating) and wi-fi, so why rush things? Besides, we all had some kombi work to attend to.

For us, those new CV boots we put on in Santiago… completely destroyed. We just duct taped some garbage bags on those and will leave that to another day. No parts here. We’ve been squeaking like crazy since Chiloe, so we had a grease job ($10 USD). Oh, and one of those brand new tires couldn’t seem to hold air. The valves in S.A. aren’t always the best, so we were hoping that was it. But the tire would be flatter and flatter every day, so we needed a gomeria. $10 USD. We also could not see out of any window. Car wash $8 USD. Oh, and we were out of clothes. $12 USD for a load of laundry. The Aux battery for our solar and fridge was just about a goner too, so throw in another $150 USD for a regular car battery.

Simon had to clean his carbs. He also discovered 2 tires in bad shape and had to buy new ones ($350 USD!) His muffler had some holes in it, but two different muffler shops wanted to charge him $500 USD for a repair. So he passed, hoping to find a welder in need of a few bucks to fix what he’s got.

Multi-taskers we are. The guys wanted to fish, so we hung up the laundry and waited for the tide to come in.¬† For 2 nights, the guys fished for tiny pejerrey (sea water silverside). I admit, I was doubtful. I’m not a huge fish person, so tiny boney things aren’t my favorite. But MC and Simon cooked us up a fish fry you wouldn’t believe. Absolutely awesome.


2 thoughts on “Rada Tilly

  • April 19, 2012 at 7:36 AM

    Make Temp CV Boots out of a Cotton Towel; Use large Zip Ties as bands to hold to CV & Axel. Done it several times in the Baja 1000 Race and they work well. Make sure you hand pack the CV with grease.

  • April 23, 2012 at 6:37 PM

    Hey guys, I like the duck tape an plastic bag action :))

    Safe travels.


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