playing in the dirt

We were glad we didn’t ask anyone if the dirt road north of the petrified forest was good. They would have told us to avoid it (they always do). This was one cool drive.

We got stuck at one point, but with everyone pushing we got through a sandy riverbed. Fern couldn’t quite make it,  so Red Beard gave her a pull. I realize these experiences may not sound fun to everyone, but we loved it. In a week or so, we will be parting ways with Simon and MC, and days like this would be much less fun without someone to share it with (and push).

Once we got to the coast, we spotted a colony of sea lions so we pulled off the road to check them out. Just a regular day.

One thought on “playing in the dirt

  • April 18, 2012 at 7:39 PM

    Loved your “just a regular day” comment…it’s sunny here in the Bay area, just perfect days & I find myself getting out more & enjoying this area & playing tourist since I can’t be on the road…but am enjoying your sunny days from afar. Beautiful photos & blog, as always……

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