Nice place

It took an email from my mother the other day to remind the both of us that it was our anniversary. That’s life without a calendar, I suppose.  I’d post some embarrassing photos from when we took off to Europe and eloped 13 years ago, but that hard drive crash last week wiped them out. Such is life.

I was quick to offer Angela a unique anniversary gift, though. “How about all new furniture… for the ENTIRE HOUSE?!” I didn’t quite get the response I would expect if our house was bigger than 50 square feet, but she took it.

We’ll hopefully get our interior finished and be able to roll out of town very soon.

After more time in Sucre, all we can continue to say about it is that it’s just really nice. I can see why it’s a burgeoning destination for immersion Spanish classes. We met lot’s of other folks – no Americans – from around the world who have come here for just that.  We went to a big party the other night and we thought it would be a great place to practice our Spanish.

Everyone from our school was there. All of the students mingled together and spoke English. All the teachers were on the other side of the party speaking Spanish. Funny – you would think everyone would try to take advantage of the opportunity.

On second thought, considering the crowd, I guess they actually were trying to take advantage of the opportunities – chatting up Aussie girls is probably way easier in English.

On the other hand, Bode has got all the teachers in the palm of his hand. Our chocito barely has to say a word in Spanish and they melt. One day in the future, “let’s go for a ride around the block on your motorcycle” will probably have a completely different result.

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