Down to Coroico

We continued on, and to the top of La Ruta de Muerte. We had discussed driving “The Most Dangerous Road in the World” but took a pass for now since it was completely fogged over. If we are going to plummet to our deaths, we at least want a nice view on the way down.

Hours later, we finally made it to the animal rescue center our friend had recommended. We had called them to see about volunteering opportunities and they told us to come on down.  Both the guidebook and the sign out front said they had camping, but when we got there they decided that they didn’t. And, they didn’t want children on the grounds (despite saying we were welcome to stay for two weeks in previous  in e-mails).

In the few minutes we were there, Bode had  been jumped by a monkey and another monkey was riding around on the back of a dog. Interesting place. Oh well, it looked like they had enough volunteers anyway.

So, we headed into the hillside village of Coroico and found a great hostal Sol y Luna. Way down at 1800 meters. We’d been all sleeping together ‘downstairs’ to stay warm in the bus for the past week, so we were ready for some space. Our room was great and had a kitchen.  The grounds of the place were completely amazing and overlooked the valley below. We want this garden.

Coroico – not much to do, but nice views.

We also found the one gas station within 100 km. They had gas, but ration you to 50 B’s per day – about a quarter tank.

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  • May 26, 2011 at 3:55 AM

    Gorgeous photos!!!

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