Island of the Sun

The 1:30pm boat to Isla del Sol leaves around 2:15… or whenever it fills up. Then, once it gets going, it will turn around and head back to shore to pick up a few more passengers. Bolivia time.

Luckily, we got there early and could sit inside, out of the cold wind. The trip takes 2 hours, though it is mostly due to a very slow moving boat. Our friends had come and gone in a single day, and suggested we might prefer to spend the night. The weather on Lake Titicaca is fickle. At 3800m it can be frosty at night or when the wind blows, but if you are in the sun during the day you are likely to get burned.

When we landed at the pier on the north side of the island we were greeted by pigs and donkeys. We looked at a few rooms (all basic) and decided for the hospedaje a little above town with a great view. 2 beds and a concrete floor. I was a little worried about the cold, but the mud bricks heated up in the sun and kept us warm all night (warmer than Red Beard). Total cost: 30 Bolivianos. About 4 bucks.

We enjoyed the sunset before heading back into ‘town’ for dinner. There are a few restaurants but only one will be open at a time. Bode quickly found an Australian 6 year old, Luca and questioned her about how she lost 5 teeth. Luca and her mom, Zeph (Zephyr Lightwind) travel 3 months a year, but this trip ends in a couple of weeks. They were with friends they’d met at the Rainbow Gathering in Argentina. The town was full of Rainbow folks playing instruments and spacing out on the beach. In our minds, it’s like this all year.

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