At the Copa

It hasn’t taken us long to decide that we REALLY like it here. At the edge of town, it’s completely peaceful and stunningly beautiful. We are able to visually block out the garbage on the beach. And, only a 25 minute walk back into Copacabana if we need anything.

At 3800 meters, the sun is burning hot and the shade is chilly and cool. When the wind picks up in the late afternoon and after the sun sets, it’s bitterly cold.

There’s a visible Argentinian hippie population that walks up and down the beach selling things like fresh-baked bread and veggie sandwiches. They’re mostly based even farther down the beach and we’re on their way into town – makes things pretty effortless when lunch get’s delivered to the bus.

The kiddos spent the day throwing rocks into Titicaca, building forts and whatnot. I had to wonder where this will fit into Bode’s memory bank when he’s older. Camping and playing on the shores of Lake Titicaca.

This will be our last day with Regine and Fred and the kids (really this time) as they have to hurry to Buenos Aires to ship their car back to France.

We’ve also had our first Brilliant Idea in Bolivia. It has to do with all the disused swan boats lining the lake. We’d make the owners an offer they can’t refuse and then ship them all back to California to sell at the Alameda antique fair. We’ll make a killing. Another thing for the list.

One thought on “At the Copa

  • May 10, 2011 at 1:00 PM

    You WILL make a killing 😀
    They are fantastic!

    So wonderful to have met with a like-minded family! Awesome for you all.

    I have to say, that I hope that Mercedes makes THAT skull with pink sunglasses their new logo!

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