Leaving Paradise

Our first stop in Peru had been great, but it was finally time to move on. It’s a long country, and although we get 90 days we seem to always be pushing the limits of our visas.

We really loved Zorritos and are already talking about a future return trip.

On our drive south, we passed a customs check point. This was a bit surprising because we had forgotten we were less than an hour inside Peru. Except, it took us ten days. The customs guy did a double take when he saw the date on our passports too.

We only drove a few hours south to Mancora. It’s a popular surf town, and because it is summer here, it is completely packed – mostly with Chileans. The camping option wasn’t working out for us here (tents only!) so we decided to get a hostal with secure parking.

Our Peru guidebook is so poorly researched that one of the ‘surf camp’ hostels mentioned was actually an exclusive boutique hotel and was 4 times more than the book’s quoted price.

After we finally found a place, we headed to the beach, but this time we had to share the sunset view with a few hundred others.

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