Oaxaca Agave

Did I mention we were camping on an agave farm? Pretty cool.

We also got back in touch with the Bulli’s and met back up with Ane, Andres and Luca one last time before they head back to the U.S.

The campsite owners (American husband and Mexican wife) have lived in Oaxaca for 26 years. I found out that we could buy mezcal (basically just tequila, but not produced in the Tequila area) from their house, so I went to get some. He told me to bring my own bottle.

He led us to his guest room, where three oak barrels containing his finest aged mezcal sat. He pulled out a plastic tube and stuck one end in the bunghole and the other in his mouth to siphon some out. He filled my empty 1 liter water bottle and took our money. Apparently, we got a great deal on this quality stuff. Who knows. We’re no experts, but it tastes pretty good. Just the experience was worth it.  But,  I never have the camera when I need it!

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