Olympic Event

The next day it was rainy, and time once again for our new favorite rainy day activity. There is a hot spring on the tip of the Olympic peninsula.  Sol Duc Hot Springs is more resorty and the complete opposite of  Bagby Springs. This time Bode specifically requested that the next hot tub not be an old tree trunk. Man, it’s hard to please a 4 year old, but this request was easy to accommodate.

He also wants a robot that does whatever he asks him to…for example get us a soy hot chocolate or a speed racer toy. But that is another story.

The pools were nice. There were 4 in all, but one was too cold and one was too hot.  We were impressed to see that the lifeguard on duty also had the responsibility of taking regular samples and running assays from each of the pools.  Checking for sulfur (and ?) content, I suppose.  It was a bit odd that he put on gloves and used tongs to take water samples from the pools we were soaking in.

As usual, we met some nice folks and as usual, one guy had a Westfalia in the 70’s and stories to tell. He also gave us some great suggestions on where to go on Vancouver Island.  His daughter runs an all-girl surf school in Tofino.  Canadian surf town, eh?

DSC_4157 DSC_4208

DSC_4220 DSC_4194

We cruised around the Olympic peninsula and it is truly beautiful.  Lake Crescent is stunning. The rainforest here is supposedly one of the wettest places on Earth and we can verify that it’s wet.  More photos than story today, as this was a pretty lazy day.

DSC_4186 DSC_4181

DSC_4166 IMG_3419

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