The Dude Abides

Beach time!

Christin needed to get one of her fire pots to her friend in Seaside and we were all over the mission. The weather was stellar, so we were off. When we arrived at Moe’s we were greeted by a wide open door and the sign below. Nice.

Moe is the quintessential surfer dude.  He came riding in on a rusty old Schwinn cruiser with a tall boy in the drink holder. He’d surfed two sessions that day already. The dude abides.

IMG_3381 DSC_3838

DSC_3843 DSC_3835

Within an hour he had gathered a group of friends and we walked, guitar and blankets in hand, to the beach for a bonfire. He said that he loved to ‘make home’ and that we should go down to the water and enjoy the sunset. Um, no problem, Moe.

He did his best to convince us that the weather was normal, and if I didn’t know any better I think I’d be staying at Moe’s forever. Clear and warm Oregon coastal evenings?

DSC_3854 DSC_3846

Downtown Seaside is a bit touristy – Oregon’s Santa Cruz, but out at Moe’s it’s a little different. A bonfire, warm sand, friends, hot dogs (did I mention I LOVE hot dogs), sunset…  you just can’t take too many photos at Magic Hour.

A forty year-old beach bum and a four year-old kid have a lot in common.   Playing is the one and only priority.  Bode has a new hero and who’s to say he’s wrong.  Moe might be our new hero.

Oh, and Bode’s #1 favorite thing about Moe – he had an XBox. I’m not sure what game it was, but Bode got to drive a garbage truck through the streets of Paris.  He’s asked every day since to go back to Moe’s. According to him,  the beach and bonfire were okay but he wants to play his video game and drive around Paris.

DSC_3862 DSC_3898

DSC_3904 DSC_3912

4 thoughts on “The Dude Abides

  • September 28, 2009 at 4:24 PM

    you’re hula dancing in that picture, right?


  • September 29, 2009 at 2:32 AM

    Yeah! I knew you guys would dig hanging with Moe…. Beach, sand, surf, sunset, bonfire…. Mission accomplished!


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