To Scotland!

We wrapped up our time in Wales with one last farm campground – this one doubled as a petting zoo. Everyone seems happier when there are animals around, so this one was a winner.

We’ve been flirting with the idea of “upgrading” to something a little bigger one day. The kid is getting close to adult-size and the bus feels like its getting smaller every day. So, we took a detour to go look at an 80’s Karmann Gipsy near Leeds. We’ve been curious about these since seeing the T2 versions in Brazil, but they are quite rare to find. Only about 800 of these T3 versions were made. Unfortunately, this one was a pretty poor example. It had problems – mostly due to neglect from the owner. It also just felt too ‘big’. After driving the narrow hedge-lined roads in Wales, we’re hesitant to get anything much wider than our bus. Thus, we’re looking for something bigger, but not larger. No problem.

We called it a night in the Lakes District and headed north to Glasgow to meet our buddy Andrew. We had tickets to see Ray Lamontagne and Bode had a dog-sitting assignment. A rare hotel night was in order. If you haven’t stumbled upon the Find Momo books or the internet-famous Instagram account of @AndrewKnapp then do yourself a favor and go find Momo. Andrew has been traveling around Europe all year, working on a new book. His dad had joined him for a a month-long trip through the UK in his new-to-him T5 Westfalia he bought in Spain.


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