The wreck of the S.S Ethie

After visiting Tablelands, we met up with Mali Mish at the Lobster Cove Lighthouse.

It was a really cool lighthouse and there were costumes and games to play with. I remember Luka dressing up in an old girl’s dress and that was really funny.



After the lighthouse, we went back to our campsite at Berry Hill. Ava, Mila and I read while the adults made pizza. It was very good pizza, and hopefully we will make more.

After that, we went up north and stopped at the S.S. Ethie shipwreck. It had 93 people and 1 dog on it when it got stuck in an ice storm. The skipper realized they would sink, so he crashed the ship into the nearest land. This could not be done without a dog named Dreamer who jumped off the boat with a rope in its mouth and swam to land, where rescuers tied the boat to shore.

I had fun playing in the wreckage of the ship.

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