St. John’s

St. Johns and Cape Spear is pretty much the end of the road east for us. We literally can’t go any farther east without getting on a boat.

dsc_2929 dsc_2921

Our first stop was the top of Signal Hill and the National Historic Site. Naturally, Bode earned another Xplorer dog tag. We lucked out and timed our visit with the noon firing of the canon.

dsc_2938 dsc_2949dsc_2946 dsc_2935

After a fairly tame lunch of fish and chips (no tongues) we visited Cape Spear. Yet another dog tag and more great views. The park has erected a chain link fence near the ‘Easternmost Point’ presumably to prevent people from playing the “I’m More Easterly Than You” game and ending up in the ocean at the bottom of the cliff.

dsc_2981 dsc_2975 dsc_2956 dsc_3024

And, for the second year in a row, we’re traveling with the Mali Mish gang during Mila’s birthday. We celebrated with trip to some kind of indoor climbing gym for the kids – they loved it.

dsc_3030 dsc_3011 dsc_3010 dsc_2989

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