As they say – ┬áif you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.

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After camping our first night near Doyle, we started the drive across Newfoundland. First, we made a quick detour to Corner Brook for sushi and to donate Bode’s old bike that he’s outgrown. Thanks again to our friends Jen and Jim in Seattle for the bike – it made it from Baja to Newfoundland and lots of points between!

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After a full day of driving, we made it to Twillingate just before dusk. Our buddies Mali Mish were also nearby, but we didn’t met up until the next day. They found a little boondock spot at the tip of the peninsula near the lighthouse. Too good not to stay another night.

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The kids played hard and Bode busted open his noggin’ on some rocks for a record setting gusher. Lot’s of tears were shed and nerves were frayed, but we all managed to keep our cool and efficiently break out the first aid kit. Lots of blood and some ruined clothes, but he bounced back quickly and was hiking and climbing all over the place the next day.

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