This is a Unesco World Heritage site, and a lovely seaside town. We found a restaurant with outdoor seating on the water that could accommodate us. It was a weekend, a very busy but we did get our lobster rolls with a view.

Mom and I wandered the town looking into a few of the nautical themed souvenir shops. Jason and Bode wandered around catching Pokemon. We finally downloaded this game and it really served them well as something to do while we shopped! Then, one last stop at Mahone Bay for happy hour at a local pub. Another beautiful sea view this time with fish n’ chips.

We finally made it to the cabin we rented for 3 nights. It was very secluded and cozy but had a great porch and water ‘access’- though the path was too overgrown for our liking. We spent a lot of time there, watching Olympics and playing board games and generally just hanging out with Grammy. One afternoon we went to lunch in Liverpool (lobster rolls of course) and visit a lighthouse. You could actually crank the manual foghorn, so that was cool.

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