Red Point

Like nearly everywhere we’ve been on the East Coast this summer, Prince Edward Island is jam packed with campers. We made it to Red Point¬†Provincial Park, but had to park in the overflow area for the night. It worked out great for us, as it was a big grassy field next to the playground. Casey and family that we met at Cavendish were already there, so the kids played until the quiet hours began.

The next day we asked if we could just stay in overflow, but they had a one night rule. So we got a campsite, and since we had to pack up anyway we set out to explore the area. Big Basin was close by. It was a nice little beach with a boardwalk and shops. The big attraction was jumping from the docks about 15 feet into the chilly water. Then, the tide takes you to a beach area, or a ladder if you’d rather climb up and do it again. Photos here are of the cutest little boy that wanted to try with his dad. My family had no interest in jumping into the cold water. Canadians have a crazy cold water threshold.

We left there and headed over to a recommended vodka distillery. Only 4% of vodka (overall) is produced with potatoes, so their potato vodka is a pretty unique spirit. Each bottle is made with 16 pounds of potatoes. We ended up buying a bottle and sharing at the campsite that night. But, with no mixers it was still just a pretty strong liquor.

Soon after we got back to our campsite, Dave, Ann and family pulled up at the site next to us. The Mali Mish gang was on the next row. We were all pretty tired, and I was thinking it would be an early night. But Dave had walked by a fiddler earlier in the evening and had invited him over to our site to jam. We had a great evening of music led by the fiddler playing local Acadian folk songs he’d learned in the kitchen growing up. Dave joined him on mandolin and was able to add his Appalachian bluegrass.

It was all great, until a guy on acid stopped by with his zither, which only played in C. The guys tried to match it, but eventually he took his instrument and went back to his campsite. Which, incidentally didn’t have a tent. He and his wife stayed up all night by the campfire, I assume watching the Perseid meteor shower. I saw about 6 shooting stars that night. The rest of the week, unfortunately was cloudy.

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