Back to Alameda

The only real plan we had last fall was spending Halloween in the Bay Area. Bode wanted to trick or treat this year with his old hometown friends, and so we made it happen.

Camping near San Francisco is always tricky. This year we headed out to the Chabot Regional park near San Leandro. Some of our good friends came out to the campfire for the evening and we had a blast.

DSC_0100  DSC_0116 DSC_0118 DSC_0125

But we needed to a more convenient place to do some work on our rental house in Alameda, so we AirBNB’d a sailboat and stayed aboard for a few days. Every six months or so, Jason starts looking into sailboats, so this was a good test to see how we enjoyed the layout. It didn’t convince me to trade in the bus for a boat, though Jason is still looking at sailboats 5 months later.

We were able to get some quality time with most of our good friends. Still, it’s never enough, and it’s hard to catch up with everyone. Until next time, amigos!

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