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After watching the salmon run in Hope with my mom, Jason invested in a fishing license and the cheapest telescoping fishing pole on offer. For some fresh sushi, I was very supportive.

We headed back to Hope, which has become one of our favorite towns in Alaska. The investment paid off, and we had one pink salmon on our first night. According to the Alaskans, pink is just for dog food, it’s the least tasty of the 5 salmon types here, and doesn’t freeze well. Well, there sure were a lot of Alaskans around fishing for their dogs. It wasn’t later until we learned that they are also known for having worms, so it is recommended to flash freeze or cook them. Oh well, another survival story.

DSC_0001 DSC_0005

IMG_2331 IMG_2333

Jason continued to catch the Bodeswell limit of 1-2 fish a day (the Alaskan limit is 3-a-day), and still managed to give out a few fish, plus some roe to our friends. The weekend neared and the place filled up for a community fundraiser and 5k. Bode instantly met new friends and spent the days playing in the tall grass and near the fishing.

We met a bunch of cool Alaskans-most here for the 5k, some here for the old-school cake walk and live music. They were generous with offering us fish and duck eggs.

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