Do the Hustle

We had the bright idea of getting out of town to avoid the crowds during the Spring Break rush. And, we figured we could rent out our condo for a little extra travel cash while we were away. It worked a little too well.

With only a few days’ notice, we got a request for an 8-night stay. It was too good to pass up, so we accepted it and started packing and loading up the bus.  One thing we’re good at is leaving. Our seemingly genius plan was to just go camp somewhere in the area and let the cash roll in from the rental. Since we were running late, our first night in the bus ended up being in the parking lot of the local pub in town. Fortunately, we ran into some friends who’s kids love campers and they offered up their place during the week. “It will just be empty Monday to Friday, you might as well stay there.”  Serendipity calls again.

The next day, we took a drive over to Hot Sulphur Springs, where there’s free camping down by the river. But, the campsites are still buried in snow – even though it’s lower altitude at 7500 ft and notably warmer. Daytime highs are about 55 F. So, maybe we’ll be there next weekend after the snow melts a bit more. We’re also debating camping in the Mary Jane lot, popping the top and BBQ’ing next to the ski lift. If it’s sunny and warm, we can’t go wrong. If you’re skiing Winter Park next weekend, look for us in the ‘C’ Lot.

Well, I am a hustler myself.

-overheard on the street many years ago when two guys were trying to out-hustle each other. We’ve repeatedly quoted it over the years when the occasion fits. It’s all about the intonation. Or, you just had to be there.

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