Even More Bus Stuff

I had sprayed some WD40 down the accelerator tube to try to force the water out the other end. It didn’t really work, but I had hoped it would at least drop the freezing point of whatever was in there. It might have accomplished something, but it still froze again this morning. Everything in the bus froze. Shaving cream freezes – shake it and it sounds like there’s a brick in the can. I intentionally parked in a wide open space for full morning sun and we are at lower altitude, so we let it thaw out on it’s own this time. No flat iron needed.

DSC_9042 DSC_9056 DSC_9065 DSC_9066

By late afternoon, we were in Colorado and stopped in a MegaMart parking lot – a.k.a. the BodesWell workshop. Plenty of open space, paved, clean, restrooms nearby and a potential overnight camp if anything goes wrong.

My new plan was to remove the cable and use my little air compressor to blow out the tube. Initially, it didn’t work. Eventually I figured out that the tube needs to be completely full and if I kept adding WD40 and continued blowing it out, I could get a decent amount of stuff coming out the other end. I called it good and then spent an hour trying get the cable back in the tube. I’ve struggled with this before and remembered that one the of the spot welds on the tube seems to be a hangup point. Once I finally succeed, I realized I managed to tangle the cable up and started all over again. Dumb mistake. I also confirmed the speedometer problem – the speedo cable was shredded to bits and just a nub sticking out of the spindle. Blame it on Baja.

DSC_9069 DSC_9074 DSC_9084 DSC_9083

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