Gecko Poop, Inc.

We shared our casita with a variety of little creatures. We had a snake. We had scorpions. Two mice (that we could catch). Roaches, crickets, and lot’s and lots of other bugs. We could have done without most of these, but we liked the geckos.

They make a loud kissing/screeching sound at night and will easily wake you up. You get used to it, since you assume they are eating some of those unwanted insects while you’re snoozing.

DSC_7843 DSC_7967

They seem to spend all of their lives vertical and stuck to the walls. This is evidenced by the astounding amount of gecko crap lining the perimeter of each room. Impressive bowel movements for such a little creature. If only there were a market for it.

You can easily determine where they live – behind the picture frames, vents, TV, whatever is hanging on the wall – because that’s where the feces piles up. Don’t be fooled by the diminutive size – these guys can clearly eat quite a bit. Sweeping up lizard dung is a daily activity.

DSC_7846 DSC_7853 DSC_7874 DSC_7881

The town is still filling up as winter approaches. It’s getting harder to park downtown and new restaurants and galleries are opening up daily.

DSC_7899 DSC_7946

Our turtles… we’re almost done. The Olive Ridleys have stopped laying eggs and the nightly collection has stopped. It’s only a matter of time before the lasts nests of the season hatch. We’ll have to come back in 15 years and see if we recognize any of them when they return.

IMG_1593 IMG_3964

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