Strawberry Park

We had heard about these hot springs from Jake – a guy we met on the beach in Mexico almost 4 years ago. Right on cue, we were walking down the street in Steamboat Springs when Jake popped out of a restaurant – “Hey, I saw the bus – you made it!”  Sure, he knew we were coming, but this is not a small town – pretty cool to have the bus open doors for us again. It’s been a while.

Jake told us only 4×4’s were allowed on the road up to the hot springs, but we decided to take our chances – the roads were dry. Red Beard did struggle more than it should have to get up the hills out of town to the pools, but we made it.

It’s a very cool place – one of the better ones we’ve been to in the U.S.  The drive out slightly reminded us of the road out to Chillan and the springs themselves reminded us a bit of Fiambala. Not too shabby.

We soaked a while and had to bail out before dark. Apparently, kids are not allowed after dusk because everybody gets nekkid.

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One thought on “Strawberry Park

  • September 15, 2014 at 12:19 AM

    Glad to catch up with you guys! Haven’t read your blog in some time and your back at it again! Truly inspiring family I must say! I look forward to running into you again in our future! Safe travels, adios!

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