Passenger Window Strip: How To

This is something I had been dreading, but it needed to be done. In the end, it wasn’t nearly as hard as it looked. You just have to figure out how to get everything apart in the correct order.

1. Remove inner door handles and window regulator. Easy peasy.

2. Remove door panel. Our dissolved away by itself. Yours might require popping out about 20 door clips.

3. Remove the two bolts holding the window glass to the regulator mechanism. Lower the glass to the bottom of the door and just leave it there.

DSC_2531 DSC_2532

4. Pull out the felt channel that goes around the upper and rear part of the frame. Start at the vent window top. It’s held in with clips – you may need to wedge a screwdriver up there to get it started. Make sure you find all the clips – some may stick in the frame.

5. Remove the bolt holding in the vertical support for the vent window. It’s near the window regulator handle and inside a thru hole.

DSC_2535 DSC_2533

6. Remove the screw that was hidden under the beginning of the upper felt channel that you removed earlier. It holds the upper part of the vent window frame.

7. Tilt the entire vent window backwards and wiggle it out of the door.

DSC_2539 DSC_2540

8. Pop out the inner felt strip along the bottom of the window. You should be able to just use your fingers. Or, carefully pry out the fasteners with a screwdriver.

9. Same for the outer chrome/felt strip. It’s only held in at the bottom.

DSC_2538 DSC_2542

10. Done! That wasn’t so hard, was it? Maybe 20 minutes. If you were careful, you should be able to re-use anything that looks good. Or, if necessary, all new replacement parts are available.

DSC_2544 DSC_2545

2 thoughts on “Passenger Window Strip: How To

  • October 16, 2013 at 11:55 AM

    Jason I have been using Wolfsburg west parts for this job, very good stuff

  • October 16, 2013 at 7:59 PM

    Second that recommendation on the Wolfsburg West parts.
    I just replaced all of the window, door, lighting seals in my ’78 Westy.
    The Wolfsburg West seals fit perfectly..I used the German front door seals, though they cost a bit more, they fit really nicely.

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