Shipping Part 3: Waiting

After making my final trip in Cartagena – to the bank to pay the documentation fee to NAVES – I was finally done. The only thing left was to fly back to the states and wait.

I’ve been able to follow the boat (TASCO) via other nifty maritime tracking sites, but I had no assurance that the bus was actually loaded until a few days later when WWL sent me the freight bill and it showed up on WWL tracking site. It’s official – Red Beard is somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico and on it’s way back to the USA.

The freight total came in at $580 USD – a bit higher than the original $350 quote, but I do remember all those abbreviations (BAF, SRC, THD, THL) of additional fees with no numbers next to them. Now, I know. Still, far less expensive than a container.

Fullscreen capture 7302013 23654 PM.bmp  Fullscreen capture 7272013 70223 AM
Track and Trace - Mozilla Firefox 7312013 83127 AM

One thought on “Shipping Part 3: Waiting

  • August 4, 2013 at 11:43 AM

    It doesn’t look like you’ll have to wait much longer – the maritime tracking site shows the Tasco just off Galveston!

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